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Paraffin metering control system

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This system is developed in combination with the weight loss flow meter independently developed by Jielong. Many manufacturers have no way to stabilize the water absorption expansion coefficient of the plate. The system uses the melt preparation tank and the metering barrel mode to melt the solid paraffin through the melting preparation tank. The melted paraffin is placed in the metering bucket for application. The early pipeline flowmeter needs heat preservation and the flowmeter is easily damaged and worn in a high temperature environment, which will cause inaccurate measurement. Now we can use the independent weightless method to effectively. Avoiding these situations can effectively ensure the stability and reliability of wax application.



1、The weight loss method is measured and the measurement is accurate. Independent and complete control system: The system is flexible and convenient to control independently (locally remote control), and can also be integrated into the original glue system.

2、Integrated frame assembly: Integrated temperature signal, pressure signal and flow signal acquisition module in the frame, users only need to provide steam or heat transfer oil to heat, quick installation, saving time and effort.

3、Double immersion pump: The immersion pump structure utilizes the temperature protection of the paraffin system itself, and the structure design is flexible and simple. The outlet pressure of the pump can be designed to reach 0-20 bar, far exceeding the pressure of the fiber plate mill by about 12 bar.

4、Anti-blocking atomizing spray gun: The spray gun has its own cylinder control. When the machine is turned on, the cylinder is retracted and atomized and waxed. When the machine is stopped, the cylinder works to prevent the fiber from being reversed.



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