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Urea, flame retardant metering system

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Urea, flame retardant metering system


The urea, flame retardant metering system (referred to as the loss-in-weight feeder) consists of a hopper, a feeder (single and twin-shaft screw feeder), a weighing system and a regulator. In operation, the hopper, material and feeder are continuously continuous. Weigh the ground. As the material is delivered, the true rate of weight loss is measured and compared to the required rate of weight loss (setpoint). The loss-in-weight feeder automatically corrects the offset from the set point by adjusting the feeder rate. Thereby, the material can be continuously fed uniformly and accurately.


Suitable range

The weight loss feeder is suitable for plastic particles, powder, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, resin film powder, flour, starch, etc. In which we design two different scales for different raw materials, namely The powder scale (solving the problem of feed metering and feeding with poor fluidity) and the pellet scale (solving any possible bridging problems) solve the problems in the existing production process.


Advantages of the equipment

The loss-in-weight feeder has core technology and independent research and development strength, mainly used in particle board, OSB board industry, this weight loss feeder has the following unique functions and advantages:

 (1) Application applicability, particles, powder , talcum powder, etc. can be used;

 (2) The mechanical parts of the loss-in-weight feeder are easy to decompose, such as screw, easy to assemble, easy to clean;

 (3) stable material discharge, high precision, large range of conveying capacity;

 (4) The static accuracy of the loss-in-weight feeder system reaches 0.1%; the linear and repetitive dynamic precision reaches 0.3%;

 (5) The weight loss scale control instrument uses the high-precision weightless scale control instrument JL-LL-DP, which has high precision.

 (6) The weightless feeder control system has strong flexibility: the weight loss scale control system can realize manual and automatic control feeding and feeding processing, which can realize manual and automatic conversion;



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