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Laser Thickness Measuring System

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Laser Thickness Measuring System

一、 Introduction

1The system consists of high-precision laser detection device, pneumatic dust removal device, pressure plate device, mounting bracket, and computer. It can continuously detect the thickness of the artificial board that passes through the dynamic measurement. The measurement data can be transmitted remotely. The device has high measurement accuracy, easy operation and reliability. High quality. It is an ideal plate thickness detection system for wood-based panel production lines.


2Control unit: It consists of single-chip microprocessor, Σ-△ A/D converter, LED digital display, control signal output, input interface and RS232 communication interface. It has the advantages of high precision, easy operation and high reliability.

3Computer: It is used to collect the data sent by the control unit, can display the dynamic data, can express the measurement curve graphically, and can establish the collection database for calling the query to provide data protection for the administrator.

二、Compared with traditional mechanical thickness measuring devices

1. Non-contact measurement, no error due to mechanical wear.

2.Non-contact time measurement, more suitable for high-speed conveying thickness measurement.

3.With laser measurement, no drive is required and the failure rate is low.

4.With laser measurement, the measurement accuracy is higher.

5.Equipped with a dust removal system, it is more suitable for harsh production environments.



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